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AURANA BAZAAR is a store with many unusual pieces for sale.

METAPHYSICAL pieces like PENDULUMS are a favourite.

PENDULUMS are all blessed and charged and have a pouch to keep them in and instructions for use by ‘Aurana’.

JEWELLERY is handmade and is generally of Top Gemstone Quality with good fittings.

VINTAGE PIECES are carefully selected for their point of difference and good quality.

COLLECTIBLES are very special pieces and come from all over the world, made or carved by Artisans who do the work for me or I have collected over the years.

I am Passionate about NATURAL CRYSTALS and always select the BEST available for my jewellery pieces and pendulums. I strive to give YOU the BEST on offer at REASONABLE PRICES and am always adding “NEW” STOCK.


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Bodyglitz is a FUN shop for Female Fashion Accessories, Vintage and Handmade, if you feel you need something material to cheer up your spirit.