Dr.Ornella Michelini Ph.D (M.Msc) also known as AURANA is specialized in ‘Holistic Life Counselling’ and has been a practising Psychic and Tarot Reader for over 40 years. Now graduating onto status as a Metaphysician she incorporates her Psychic abilities with Tarot and Pendulums in her readings to advise and guide people onto making good decisions and taking a good path in their lives.

As an Ordained Minister with the International Metaphysical Ministry (I.M.M.), she can administer healing through deep Meditation and Chakra clearing which can often bring miraculous results. As a Master Reiki practitioner, she can administer to you and/or teach you and take you onto Master Reiki level also.

Egyptian Stone tablet readings for reaching into past lives are a speciality when looking into the Akashic Records for those with the advanced spiritual understanding of themselves. Her own personal spiritual experiences travelling throughout the many temples in Egypt have given her special insights into these areas which assist her in helping you find your answers.

She also facilitates Courses and Workshops on spiritual subjects.

Contact +61 400900069


Dr. Ornella Michelini Ph.D (M.Msc)


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